ForgetSpecs Pty Ltd is a privately owned company that provides vision-enabling solutions to people with Presbyopia (far-sightedness). Formed in 2015 out of sheer frustration, Darrell Edwards researched solutions to replace the need for spectacles when reading your smart devices or PC’s. No more fumbling for glasses when you receive a call or text, your script is already on your device. 

The market leading technology developed with QUT provides freedom from wearing glasses when using your devices. ForgetSPECS will provide clear and crisp vision of your display.


The Story.


We're still writing our story... but while we have you here.

In 2015 Darrell set out to solve a problem - to make sure he could see the screen in his hands without having to fumble between lenses. It's been an occasionally bumpy road, the glue thing was especially painful, but with each new problem arose  opportunities. As we continue to refine our product and build something that works perfectly, we're glad that you've become a part of our journey.

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An entrepreneur at heart, Darrell is now focussed on commercialising his own disruptive technology.

An inspirational leader, collaborator and connector who creates a high performance culture, Darrell is putting his life learnings to the test. With over 30 years in commercial banking and previously owning childcare businesses, Darrell understands SME's challenges and opportunities in a digital economy. 

Darrell supports the growth of small corporate companies through non-executive board roles.