Want to see your device clearly without specs?


Optical Screen


Changing the way we view technology. Literally.


Forget Specs is about keeping things Clear and Simple.

It's frustrating having to put your glasses on or off every time you want to look at your device. We thought we could all do with less frustration. We thought we'd make it easier for you to see things clearer.

Forget Specs is a new nano-technology that simply places an optical screen protector over your device. Protecting your phone or tablet and bringing into focus 100% of the time without having to fumble for your glasses - Clear and Simple. 


Multiple sizes

A range of sizes to suit a range of devices. This day and age we've become multi-screen users. It makes sense to be able to see them all clearly.


Using our technology Forget Specs enables you to see your screen clearly, everytime. ForgetSpecs covers most prescriptions


Ever dropped your glasses and picked up a scratch? You're not alone. Forget Specs is designed to be scratch resistant. One less thing to worry about.


Switching between different glasses or having to put a pair on every time you get a message or email can be a real drag. Imagine your screen, crystal clear every time.